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Free Shipping on orders over $199* view conditions here

Vivo Neo 4/4 Student Violin Outfit - Setup

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Setup includes • Full instrument inspection • Cutting and shaping the bridge to the correct curvature and string height to match the instrument • Setting the sound post inside, at the correct position to ensure the best tone. • Ensuring the tailpiece is installed correctly and the fine tuners greased working smoothly. • Ensuring the nut is shaped at the correct curvature and height. • Reaming the peg box so the pegs fit correctly inside. Hills Peg paste added to make sure they move well, without slipping. • Pre-rosin the bow to ensure the violin will play straight away. • Instrument finish cleaned and Polished for sale. 

Top: Solid Spruce Back and Sides: Solid Maple Purfling: Inlaid Tailpiece: Vivo Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite with fine-tuners. Pegs: Ebony Fingerboard: Ebony Case: Shaped Lightweight Poly-Foam with shoulder strap Bow : Octagonal Brazilwood with Parisian eye & Ebony Frog, Horsehair