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Free Shipping on orders over $199* view conditions here
Free Shipping on orders over $199* view conditions here


Are your just looking to start your harmonica journey? Or are you looking to level up your harmonica playing?
Either way, harmonicas are extremely fun and can be played anywhere with little to none experience, in the car or by the fire whatever it is you're looking for we have the one for you!


Here at Artie's Music Online we have an extensive range of harmonicas for beginners to seasoned veterans. Lets find what is best for you!

Start with the basics 

Starting from our entry level harmonica that doesn't break the bank and includes a learn to play book including over 70 songs, riffs, licks and everything you'd possibly need to get started. It is the Fast Track Blues Band Harmonica Pack.  It is the key of C which is perfect for learning and also the most common. This great beginner harmonica is available at Artie's Music Online for $38.95 online HERE (or press the image below) 🎶

Best Beginner Harmonica Townville


Getting the hang of it now

If you’re looking for something more unique, we have top brand harmonicas suitable for every style of music, from folk and western to heavy pop and rock. One of our favorite brands is Hohner. They are quite the step up from your beginner harmonica with features like interchangeable modular construction, double lacquered doussie comb that minimizes swelling and the benefit to source a harmonica that suits exactly your play style and favorite genre of music. To browse our range of Hohner harmonicas press below, all of our Hohner harmonicas have FREE SHIPPING and start from $84.95!


 Hohner harmonicas Free shippingMarine band free shipping




We also have a range of specialty harmonicas including a signature Ozzy Osbourne harmonica. Be a part of the Prince of Darkness’ journey and following in his steps from his early blues bands through to Black Sabbath.


No matter what type of harmonica you are chasing, we have the one for you to take you on your music journey. Come check in store and see for yourself and check out our online range that comes with free shipping
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