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The Aroma AT-102 Rechargeable Chromatic Clip-On Tuner is a super-fast, accurate, digital tuner that doesn’t require batteries. It can be used to tune any C instrument including violin, viola, cello and double bass as well as guitar and ukulele.

To use the tuner, clip it onto the instrument (either on the scroll or bridge for violin/viola and on the bridge for a cello) and pluck or bow a single string. The tuner will light up with the note that is being played and indicate whether that note is slightly sharp or flat. If the reader lights up yellow to the left, the note is flat, if it lights up red to the right it is too sharp. Once the string is in tune you will see a blue arrow in the center. The clip-on functionality eliminates all surrounding noise that may interfere with your tuning, making it perfect for use in an orchestral or ensemble setting.

The Aroma AT-102 is a chromatic tuner which means it will read every note in a chromatic scale. It does have a ‘violin’ function where it will only read the open strings of a violin which are E, A, D and G, however If your instrument is really out of tune and you play a note that isn’t E, A, D or G, in ‘violin’ mode it won’t be able to tell you which note it is. Because of this, we generally recommend keeping the tuner in chromatic mode.

It’s simple functionality, extra-long arm, ability to recharge and colourful screen makes the Aroma AT-102 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner a popular choice for players looking for a discrete, quick and effective tuning tool that can read every note in a chromatic scale.



  • Clips onto your instrument and tunes with a vibration sensor which allows accurate tuning in a noisy environment
  • Clip has an extra-long arm that rotates 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees
  • Easy to operate – has one on/off switch which also controls the modes of operation (chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele or violin) plus another button that adjusts the Hertz
  • Tuning accuracy = +/- 0.5 cent
  • Easy to read, colourful LCD display
  • Comes with micro USB charging cord
  • Pitch range: 430-450Hz
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 31mm x 34mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • One charge will power 5.5 hours of continuous use
  • Has an auto-off feature which conserves battery life



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