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The Young Flute Player Want something to inspire your beginner flute students? Want a tutor book that has EVERYTHING you need to start playing the flute? The Young Flute Player is a collection of 5 books containing comprehensive resources for teaching beginner players to master the flute. The books are perfect for either child or adult beginners and are user friendly, with easy to read notation, cartoon illustrations, music games and composition activities. Some great news for The Young Flute Player books. There is now a YouTube channel with recordings of pieces from The Young Flute Player books which is a FREE resource for teachers and students to use. There are recordings of pieces as they would be performed on flute and piano, or flute duet, flute solos, and separate piano accompaniments (with metronome count-in). The pieces are grouped in playlists according to the printed book they appear in, with Unit numbers or page numbers for easy reference.  Student Book 1  Beginner-Preliminary level Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, C, introduction of 6/8 Pitch range from E bottom line of staff to A above staff Scales – G major, F major, E minor, D minor, F chromatic 41 exercises and studies including works by North, Gariboldi, Köhler 38 pieces by Bach, Handel, Brahms, Beethoven, Offenbach, Purcell, Mozart, plus traditional and festive tunes 6 festive pieces - great busking material Introduction of tonguing, slurs, ties, staccato, mezzo staccato