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Takamine Tri-Ax Active Soundhole Pickup with Built-in Class A Discrete Preamp

Brand: Takamine
size: 38.00 W × 101.00 H × 12.00 L
Warranty: 5 Years

Takamine Guitars, the industry leader in acoustic electric guitar technology is proud to introduce its first “add-on” acoustic guitar pickup.

Takamine's Tri-Ax is a tri-axial dynamic body sensing, soundhole mounted pickup that is “System Matched” to perform with the Takamine CTP-1 Cool Tube preamp. When plugged into the Takamine CTP-1 auxiliary input, the Tri-Ax gives the player a greatly expanded palette of tonal possibilities.

The Tri-Ax is also an excellent stand-alone pickup that can be installed in any acoustic guitar for a level of realism and fidelity that was previously unattainable. The Tri-ax features both passive and active operation and a volume control in active mode.

- Noiseless class (A) all discreet line driver
- Adjustable pole pieces for balance control
- Highly feedback resistant Passive/Active switch
- Volume control
- 1000 hour battery life with CR2032 coin cell

PLS NOTE: This model of Tri-ax will only work with Cooltube Preamps Version 1 & 2. You must use the Takamine TRI-AX2 if you have a Cooltube 3 Preamp.

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