Tanglewood TW4SJWB Winterleaf Super Jumbo C/E Whiskey Barrel Burst

$559 $629

TW4 SJ WB Winterleaf is an exciting new series from the Tanglewood design team. Created to meet the demands of the modern player, every Winterleaf guitar offers outstanding value with the highest standards of build quality and component features as standard. A closer look at the various model specifications will find some outstanding brands like B-Band Electronics, Grover machine heads and Tusq graphite saddles all partnering with the Winterleaf project concept team to deliver excellence throughout every price point and model. SHAPE: Super Jumbo Cutaway TOP: Solid Spruce BACK: Mahogany SIDES: Mahogany NECK (MATERIAL): Mahogany FINGERBOARD: Tech Wood BRIDGE: * BINDING: Maple SADDLE: Nubone, Compensating NUT (WIDTH): Nubone (43mm) SCALE LENGTH: 650mm MACHINE HEADS: Chrome Grover FINISH: Whiskey Barrel Gloss EQ: B-Band M-450T STRINGS: Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12-53 SKU: TW4SJWB *Timber in accordance with Cities regulations

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