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Fender Tenor Tele style Ukulele (0955620021)

SKU: 0955620021
Fender Tenor tele style head stock. BAG INCLUDED! 0955620021
$ 546.00
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    Fender® brings you the authentic sound of the Hawaiian Islands with its first-ever series of ukulele models. Ukuleles are enjoying renewed popularity, with exquisite sounds and designs that are a far cry from mere musical toys. Originally built by Portuguese immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1880s, the small guitar-like instruments produced a lilting sound that instantly evoked the lush South Pacific atmosphere of their island homeland. Fender’s three new tenor-style ukulele models offer finely crafted sound and construction; they too instantly evoke the sound and spirit of Hawaii. Each features the distinctive Fender Telecaster® guitar headstock shape, unique body shapes and bracing patterns designed exclusively for Fender and a Fender ukulele gig bag to get you started. This one is the Fender Ukulele Pa’ina, a top-line model that gets its name from the Hawaiian word for party. Made of solid mahogany, with satin finish and passive electronics that let you plug it in and turn it up at the next luau.


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